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Lytham Round Table Helping 4 Year Old Louie To Spread Valentines Day Love

Roses are red,Violets are Blue, Hopefully our daffodils, Will bring some sunshine to you!

Louie has 16p11.2 micro-deletion which causes him to have some Autistic tendencies and anxieties around certain situations but he LOVES to bring joy into peoples lives.

On Valentine’s Day Louie and his mum Rachel have ordered 100 bunches of daffodils for Louie to hand out to the lovely ladies (and gents) of Lytham!

Rachel and Louie were delighted when Lytham Round Table heard what Louie was looking to achive and stepped in to purchase the daffodils for Louie.

Louie's mum Rachel said: "We have a high elderly count locally and having worked previously in the care sector it is very upsetting to know how many elderly people are lonely even when the are given the best of care."

"We will be dropping by our local care home, Hedges house and gifting a bunch of flowers to each resident living there. I previously worked here and Louie loves to stop by every now and then to pinch a few biscuits off their tea round."

"I need to say a huge thank you to Lytham round table who contacted me and have generously paid for all 100 daffodil bunches for Louie to give out on Valentine’s Day."

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