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Vale of Evesham Round Table's Christmas Surprise To Child With Rare Genetic Disorder.

Vale of Evesham Round Table organises special Santa visit


Every year the Vale of Evesham Round Table helps Santa and his sleigh take to the streets for 25 nights covering an incredible 380 miles to visit the children in the area. The event brings smiles to the faces of the children as well as raising a huge amount of money for local good causes.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, Vale of Evesham Round Table have raised an incredible £14,000!

This year Santa heard of a very special girl that needed some help and the Tablers took Santa to her house to surprise her with a very special gift.

Lottie is a very happy, smiley 5-year-old girl who loves to be involved with everything. She has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder which has severely delayed her development, causing complex special needs. She is unable to talk, walk, sit, chew solid foods or feed herself. Which as you can imagine, means she requires a large amount of care on a daily basis.

Lottie and her family have become really good friends of the Round Table and the Tablers heard of a piece of equipment that would benefit Lottie.

Santa surprised Lottie by turning up on his sleigh and presenting her with a P-Pod Seat. The P-Pod is a specialised piece of equipment that provides high levels of postural support and accommodation to disabled children or adults.

Lotties Mum, Claire Lockyer said: “Our current aim is to make our house more accessible to Lottie.”

“We weren’t aware of any issues when she was first born, although looking back one of the types of epilepsy was there from when she was less than 18 hours old, just not picked up.” 

“Our concerns grew over the weeks until we were finally seen by a consultant paediatrician who shook our world by mentioning Epilepsy and Complex needs.”

“In September 2015 we finally had results from genentics studies we had taken part in to confirm that Lottie has a rare genetic disorder- a mutation of one particular genome.” 

“Currently BCH (Birmingham Childrens Hospital) don’t know of any cases of this particular mutation, and we have not come across anyone else yet.”

Vale of Evesham Round Table were delighted to be able to continue to support Lottie with this lovely surprise.

Take a look at the video below.

1080p from Anna Smith on Vimeo.


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